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What People Say About Us

"Meal planning and discussing a healthy baseline diet (calories) were most helpful. I was able to add some food from food groups I've neglected and to be intentional about meals. Page is very approachable and knowledgeable. I trust her to have my best interest in mind."

– McKenzie Chapman, Nutrifit client

"The weight after two babies would not come off.  I felt like I was doing most all of what we were talking about already.  But I did get some great tips about the planning of how much to each every day. I also learned to be able to "eyeball" a serving so I am not eating too much. Most beneficial was making sure I was eating enough fruits and veggies and not as much carbs and extra calories. I have lost five pounds so far, so it is working!"

– Cara Barfield, Nutrifit client

"I knew I needed to make changes to avoid major health issues. Page's guidance, especially in developing a balanced diet, was very helpful in reaching a healthy weight. I lost approximately 50 lbs. and gained proper eating habits!"

– Brannon Byers, past Nutrifit client

"I wanted to know my body fat composition and how quickly I could expect to lose some weight. I learned everything that I was doing wrongnot enough protein and dairy and too many raw veggies. I learned new proteins to purchase and am buying recommended products and planing my meals. There was so much great information, and Page was willing to accommodate everything that I wanted to be eating."

– Anna Shutley, past Nutrifit client

"I was looking for a balanced way to eat healthier. I so appreciated Page's help with snack and a better plan for eating healthy, including an individualized plan for me. It helped me change some eating habits."

– Cheryl Barker, Nutrifit client

"My issue was emotional eating, and the overeating has lessened! It's great to have a guide for the number of items from each food group. Page, you have an amazing spirit ... and you know what you are talking about!"

– Kristen, past Nutrifit client

"I wanted more information about a vegetarian diet. You helped me feel better about my eating and got me on the right track to a healthier life. I learned how to get enough protein into meals each day. Page, you've been incredibly helpful - I want to follow a more radical diet now, but you got me on the right track, and for that I am very grateful."

– Adam Brown, past Nutrifit client

"I could not have been more impressed with your thoroughness, your individual approach, or your ability to reach out to me and make sure I was comfortable!"

– Katie Weaver, past Nutrifit client

"I was sick, anorexic, and--in the beginning--forced to get help. Page Love and her patience, honesty, and knowledge saved my life. I was in a bad place, but with her guidance I learned to thrive. Learning and understanding that food is fuel was critical. It is important to fuel the body with good, nutritious foods. Her plans were easy to follow and user friendly. I am no longer scared of food or eating out and learned why it is important ot eat a varied, nutrient-rich diet with proteins and CARBS! Page and Nutrifit are the VERY best in the business."

– Ashley Hughes, past Nutrifit client

"It is SO helpful to have someone else tell you what you need. It takes pressure and anxiety off. It helps to hear from an expert. The personalized meal plan was very helpful ... to see the contrast of what I am getting nutritionally now vs. what my body needs."

– Allie Duryea, Nutrifit client

"I wanted to have a lifestyle change. I lost 60+ pounds, BUT learned how to eat for the rest of my life. I recommend Nutrifit if you really want to change your life."

– Dave Tholen, past Nutrifit client
"Page reviewed my current diet and I left with a lot of helpful information and a plan to get started right away. I like that I received my diet plan at the first visit rather than later. Page is very personable and professional and provides so much useful information. I really like all of the gluten-free info that Page has given me. It makes having a food allergy much easier to manage."

– Julie Goerke, Nutrifit client

"We established a doable schedule that gave me confidence about tackling my overeating and emotional eating. Page is an exceptional ally in any eating-related difficulty."

– Peter Hylton, past Nutrifit client

"The best part was the realistic look at lifestyle and preferences. I became more aware of what I eat, and I lost 10 lbs.!

– Lyn Marcrum, Nutrifit client

"The most valuable aspect of the consultation was the focus on a non-diet approach to healthy eating and weight loss. I felt safe and fully supported! Page is incredibly supportive and has a wealth of professional knowledge, and a warmth and genuine caring for her clients."

– Carla Lovell, Nutrifit client

"There was no judgment of my eating habits or lifestyle. The recommendation of the book Intuitive Eating combined with easy-to-follow nutritional guidelines have taken so much pressure off my life and psyche. I have added fats and carbs to my diet, am exercising less, and have been eating intuitively...and ENJOYING foods! I am completely comfortable and satisfied with my consultation. It exceeded any and all expectations!"

– Jenna Koff, Nutrifit client

"I just wanted my daughter to hear from another source how important it is to eat properly. We had a great appointment with Page, and it really helped put us on the right track. It was great that Emma was shown the portion sizes with plastic food and the diets for swimmers in Page's binder. Page has so much information and is good with kids!"

– Becky Power, parent of Nutrifit client

"I'm learning more about the food pyramid and how proteins, carbs, fat, water, etc., all work together in the digestive system. I am consuming more water and less snack foods, and I have learned to consume more nuts and dairy in my diet and less meat proteins. I would recommend Page Love as a nutritionist because as we get older, our bodies change, and we need to change eating habits - she helped me make the change."

– Sharon Frost, Nutrifit client

"Alex had high cholesterol and weight. Thanks to Nutrifit, we have become better at balancing Alex's meals and snacks and found creative ways to get vegetables into him. Our time with Page was very beneficial and informative. Alex is doing great, with decreased weight and cholesterol. If you have any questions about how to be healthier with food, ask Page!"

– Nancy Tiffany, mother of Nutrifit client Alex
"I feel Page really listens to your concerns. I appreciate the time Page spent with me and her knowledge of nutrition. I've learned to consume more calories and have set goals for better nutrition. I look forward to learning more steps to a healthy body!"

– Kitty Barfield, Nutrifit client 

"I needed to be more aware of what I was eating. I really gained an understanding of correct portion sizes and what I should be eating, including whole fresh fruit. Discussions about real-life eating, such as at restaurants and on vacation, were really helpful. I have been eating much healthier."

– Katie Eaton, Nutrifit client

"I was referred by my GP and needed to change eating habits. I also wanted information about dieting, and so on. I was very satisfied with the good, solid information and plan, plus the understanding of my personal situation."

– Al DeLuca, past Nutrifit client

"I was having gastrointestinal problems and headaches. The dietitian listened, understood, and addressed the symptoms I was experiencing. Implementing the recommendations, particularly more complex carbs, helped my energy level. I recommend Nutrifit because diet/nutrition is perhaps the most important factor in health, and Nutrifit is very knowledgeable and supportive."

– Richard Clendeening, past Nutrifit client

"After gall bladder surgery, I could not get my digestive system functioning properly and had diverticulitis. Ms. Love was helpful in counseling me about measuring, brands of food, having me keep a journal of foods that I ate - it helped me see what I needed to add and delete. I achieved my desired weight, and my digestive system is better. Thank you for ALL your help!"

– Sharon Frost, past Nutrifit client
"It seems to be a good resource ... to discuss questions as to whether your diet is sufficient for activity level or how your diet may affect existing medical conditions. Also, a great resource for types or healthier options on cereals."

– Laura L. Brown, past Nutrifit client

"I was pleased that Page was open to all ideas—no strict regime, no foods off limit—but made me think of new ways to bring better foods into my diet. Very motivating! I was very pleasantly surprised completely did away with my dietitian stereotype. Excellent experience!"

– Nancy Beck, past Nutrifit client

"My internist recommended I see a nutritionist, and I had positive results with the clear instructions and useful forms. I learned the importance of three daily meals and supplements and not skipping meals. Professional and effective program - Page was great!"

– Donald P. Lofe Sr., past Nutrifit client

"Thanks for your time and effort! I can tell you [Page] really care. The personalized plan that you created, all of the suggestions you made, made me feel good about eating cheese again - I am paying a lot more attention to protein and pretty much doubling my protein intake. You were incredibly helpful, and I really appreciate that you respect vegetarianism. I really like the folder full of vegetarian food packages. I'm expanding the variety of foods that I eat and going to more vegetarian restaurants."

– Adam Brown, past Nutrifit client

"Page is knowledgeable, positive, and enthusiastic –very easy to talk to. I've learned to have single-serving desserts and cut back on sugar. I'm looking forward to eliminating, or working on, my block from eating dinner."

– Tamara Martin, Nutrifit client

"I realized that I was not eating like I should be. I have changed my diet and am eating in a healthy way now. It really helped me to see that I needed to change my habits or I would suffer in the future."

– Colton Page, past Nutrifit client

"My son's weight and lack of appetite made me seek professional help. Jacob learned a lot and now has put on a good amount of weight. Going to the store with a nutritionist was beneficial, and his appetite has improved."

Parent of Jacob Cohn, past Nutrifit client 

"I needed treatment for anorexia, but I wanted tools to use even after recovery. I loved Page - she took great care of me and taught me so much. She was very passionate about my health recovery. I had the tools and knowledge I needed for recovery and still have and use these in my health! My food fears were greatly diminished and I recovered and eat mindfully and healthfully. Page is gentle and credible, and I received wonderful, passionate, experienced care! I can't thank her enough for being a part of my recovery."

– Bridget, Past Nutrifit client

"I've been able to rearrange my daily foods to help with feeling full and losing weight. Sticking to an easy regimen that Page recommended; she was non-threatening, encouraged real talk, and I definitely received a benefit."

– Alyssa, past Nutrifit client 

"What a journey! When I first came to t you, I needed so much improvement is my eating habits but was reluctant because I did not think there was anything wrong with what I was doing. I had no idea how much I would learn about the nutrients that our body needs or even all those food options out there. You definitely helped me through a long journey, and I now understand how important it is to get all the necessary nutrients and to have healthy eating habits. There isn't another individual I would rather have had to help me! The way you made sure I understood everything was incredibly sweet and nonjudgmental. Page, thank you so much for helping me get to the place I am today! I could not have done it without you and there truly aren't enough words to express my appreciation!"

– Nutrifit client

"Page Love is extremely qualified and very knowledgeable about nutrition and health! I am learning about portion control and what foods are most appropriate for attaining goals. Thanks to Page, overall healthier lifestyle and changes in diet and exercise have been easier."

– Nutrifit client

"I have a commitment to improve my health - shed the weight I have gained, like my appearance, change my eating habits. Page is very effective and pleasant. I have been able to drink more water, cut out desserts and cookies and potato chips, and watch my portions."

– Ruth Conrad, Nutrifit client

"Thanks to the helpful food plan, I am being mindful of what nutrients I am consuming. Looking forward to learning about additional healthy foods!"

– Noah Platt, Nutrifit client

"Page was thorough and a good listener. She has an encouraging way about her and practical food ideas. She's professional and obviously very interested in helping people. I've been able to slow my eating, stopping more to sense hunger and anxiety levels. I'm looking forward to learning learning how to break down 'reciped' foods on the chart."

– Nutrifit client

"I received a helpful assessment of my current eating patterns and adjustments needed, with real-life examples of healthier choices. I'm now eating fewe complex carbs later in the day and eating mor ein the morning. I've also stopped buying cholesterol risk foods like sesame sticks. It was a very helpful overview and partical, realistic suggestions."

– Nutrifit client

"I was having trouble making good food choices to lose a little weight -- I was slowly gaining weight! I learned how to combine foods to satisfy hunger but make good choices and lost 7 or 8 pounds. Most useful was combining complex cards with protein and keeping a food diary. I had a positive experience and would recommend Nutrifit to others."

– Past Nutrifit client

"I had difficulty with following a bland diet for gastritis (as well as celiac disease. Some information was very helpful, like learning I could eat onions (well-cooked) and tomatoes (sweet grape). My gastritis seemed ot heal!"

– Past Nutrifit client

"I was trying to change my eating habits with consideration of my food allergies. Heather was very friendly and personable. She suggested  ways to start eating healthy without cutting all the bad stuff out right away. The tips about what to look for in processed foods were very helpful. I have a new mindset now to put an actual plan in motion."

– Past Nutrifit client

"I had gained a lot weight. At Nutrifit, I got so many new delicious healthy foods that substituted for foods that were bad for me. The new foods, meal plans, and exercise plans were so helpful."

– Past Nutrifit client

"My nutritionist is nice and helped me not eat as much salt, eat less vegetables, and more protein."

– Past Nutrifit client

"You helped us assess our current diet, offering healthier options (including the visual aid of the packaging the store/supermarket who carries the items). Our family no longer purchases potato chips for lunches. One of our children no longer drinks soda, and all of us drink more water. I enjoy the newsletter and social media tips and recipes!

– Nutrifit client

"My daughter had a desire to learn how to lose weight responsibly. Page showed her practically how to portion and build her meals. The handouts were awesome. She eats breakfast and eats regularly now. Page is awesome - she takes the time to show clients what they need to do and why."

– Mother of past Nutrifit client

"I learned about acceptable weight goals and healthy food plans, and I have a more balanced diet now. Page is kind and patient as well as knowledgeable. I look forward to continued nutritional guidance brought about by my honesty with food choices."

– Mitzi Hargett, Nutrifit client

"[A valuable aspect is] the careful, aware consideration of the RDs. They really care about helping you set healthy goals that will match your life. I'm learning to keep track of what I eat, making sure I am following my meal plan, and so on. I really like the papers that they gave me to help with gearing portion sizes and categories. The environment is very relaxed and calming. I would not change a thing."

– Nutrifit client

"I want to lose weight for many reasons but most importantly for health. You work with me and my weird schedule, giving me a plan that does not require special recipes, is easy to follow, and is tasty. You are very organized, you listen, and you offer ideas that anyone can follow."

– Nutrifit client

"Nancy is excellent! I was dealing with weight gain, and her help was compassionate and her advice competent.”

– Past Nutrifit client

"Page was supportive,patient, and knowledgeable. The meal plans and the process of adding a change each week were beneficial. I learned that eating can be fun, but write it down if you eat it! Great step-by-step approach. Page is so calm and easy to relate to."

– Past Nutrifit client

"My sessions were very thorough, and the body composition profile with recommendations was helpful and informative. Page is wonderful! I appreciated the non-diet approach with no special food, just regular food. A lot of great information!"

– Past Nutrifit client

"Nancy Anderson was extremely helpful - strong, compassionate, practical - she helped me do what I could not do alone!"

– Past Nutrifit client

"I had gained weight from thyroid issues. The advice you gave was great and has pointed me in the right direction."

– Past Nutrifit client

"Weight gain for husband and weight loss for wife was too difficult to manage.[Page helped us] understand portion sizes and foods to try. Very professional and personable."

– Past Nutrifit client

"My doctor didn't have answers about nutrition related my exercise. Page's advice, good experience, and take-home materials have enabled me to exercise during summer without heat exhaustion or eating salt."

– Past Nutrifit client

"I was experiencing poor recovery from workouts and sagging energy levels.Nancy identified my breakfast caloric intake and food choice as the primary reason for my weight loss and poor recovery after workouts."

– Jonathan Stelling, past Nutrifit client

"I liked that you gave me lots of ideas for different products, protein bars, drinks, etc., to accomplish my goals and a better overall understanding of food and nutrition. Your information was tangible and scientific, not ‘new age' or ‘fluffy.' Being on CNN and TV helps with credibility; I think it sets you apart as a true expert."

– Past Nutrifit client

"Page Love is exceptional. She stays current on breaking nutrition news and really knows grocery store products. She is creative in finding nutritional solutions for picky eaters, and is outstanding and successful with people who have not had good results with nutritionists before."

– Shirley O. Corriher, author of CookWise, winner of the James Beard Award and columnist for the Los Angeles Times Syndicate and Fine Cooking magazines

"Page has taught me how to pay attention to my body and to take care of myself from not only a nutrition standpoint, but also from the aspect of my emotional and psychological well being."– Kristin Nichols, Client Services Manager, UPS

“Very informative! You didn’t come on too strong and tell us what we needed to do – you showed us how.”

– Elise and Roy Lander, past Nutrifit clients

"I was informed about the healthy weight range for my daughter and about a meal plan for her that added more fiber and water to her diet as well as following the food pyramid. Page is very knowledgeable and informative about nutrition and body composition. She is great with children and engages them to get involved in their health."

– Mrs. Baldini, mother of Nutrifit client

“Being able to build an example menu of what I need to eat has been helpful. I'm eating breakfast more regularly and trying to get meat in at lunch and dinner. The visits have been very helpful and encouraging, and I look forward to learning about more foods I can try.”

– Lisa Means, Nutrifit client

“The consultation determined where Wesley was not getting enough - specifically, carbs - and seeing how underweight he was. Added carbs to his meals. Nutrifit was so helpful and thorough. We never felt rushed.”

– Mary Grace Heston, mother of Nutrifit client

“Page is quite knowledgeable and assessing needs of clients. She got us going in the right directions in modifying diet. Best two hours spent!”

– Parent of past Nutrifit client

“Page helped me in every way possible to get back on track with my eating, my mindset, and even my physical self. It broke a lot of the myths I had about eating (how much I should eat, not how little, and how I can eat carbs and also sweets in moderation). I learned so much and even lost weight!”

– Past Nutrifit client

“I was shown how to eat healthy, and I did not have to starve myself to lose weight. The food log helped a lot. I still do that. The specific foods tips and ideas were most helpful. I was unaware of a lot of healthy snacks, etc.”

– Past Nutrifit client

“I received helpful nutrition insight and suggestions for trying different things. I lost the weight!”

– Past Nutrifit client

"Great job looking at what I was eating, drinking, etc., and making recommendations for change. Well-organized, efficient, good knowledge base about friendly and personable."

 – Past Nutrifit client

"We would recommend Nutrifit to anyone because of the service, care, and success we experienced! The friendly, competent, and knowledgeable staff … was an awesome solution for adjusting my kids' eating habits. Page Love was very successful in her approach and communication with the boys. We greatly appreciate what you have done to help my kids learn the importance of a healthy, balanced diet."

– Past Nutrifit client

“It was so nice to have such concentrated focus [our daughter's] specific issues. There's never enough time to discuss these matters at the annual pediatrician visits. Page gave us a long list of concrete, specific things we could do to get our daughter eating a healthier diet … and helped me see that getting her to eat the necessary nutrients for her young, growing body is more important right now than modifying her rituals and extreme pickiness. Overall, she seems more excited about her meals, pitches in to help get ready for dinner, and seems more willing to try new foods. Thank you for getting us started!”

– Past Nutrifit client, mother of a picky eater

“I was referred by a doctor who indicated I needed help with weight control. Nutrifit helped me control what I eat. I am eating more fruits and vegetables; I am eating healthier with moderate exercise. I feel that the initial session was great, and I have made progress following your direction. I have not as much as I would like, but I have lost weight—I just have not been able to exercise as much as I would like but I am working on it. Thank you, Page, for all your help.”

– Past Nutrifit client

“The menu and advice Page gave me were very helpful in losing weight that I had gained. The routine of checking progress was helpful because I knew what I needed to change.”

– Past Nutrifit client

“Nutrifit put me on the right track with my eating. I was very impressed with Nancy Anderson’s advice. I have lost 60 pounds and still losing…I’m not going to turn back now because the goals that were set for me were achievable. I was very satisfied because it gave me a whole new approach to my eating. I appreciate all of Nancy’s support and encouragement. Thank you, Nutrift, you’re your help!”

– Past Nutrifit client

“Right away, I learned what foods to avoid for my stomach issues while maintaining a healthy diet. I’ve been able to choose more IBS-friendly foods, remove problem foods, and maintain a more structured diet. Page has the perfect mixture of professionalism and personality. She is easy to talk to and knowledgeable on many issues.”

–Theresa DeYoung, past Nutrifit client

“I was seeking better menu ideas for weight loss, and you provided a detailed eating plan and great goals.”

– Past Nutrifit client

“Most valuable for me was making concrete goals and writing them down. It's great to get a professional perspective on what you're consuming. Sometimes it's difficult to tell when you've been doing it your way for so long.”

– Past Nutrifit client

“The personal, individualized nature of the program is great. I am following recommendations with confidence that I will see results and applying information from sessions to reverse pre-diabetes. It gives me the peace of mind that I am on the right track.”

– Diane Schmidt, past Nutrifit client

 "I learned a lot and felt very comfortable with Page. The dining-out session was hugely helpful, as well as mindful eating tips - still review the handouts! I am less obsessive about food and weight and am eating more mindfully. Due to thyroid issues still being worked out, I was unable to lose weight, but I learned so much."

– Past Nutrifit client

"Excellent from a mother's point of view. [My son] would not track food, but he became aware of food for a while. He did stop the compulsive eating, and I also changed what I feed him. Very glad we went!"

– Mother of past Nutrifit client

"We were referred by a physician, and Nutrifit was great with my daughter. She went off to college with a much better understanding of good, healthy habits. Great for teen nutrition!"

– Mother of past Nutrifit client


"Most helpful were the Body Composition Profile, Nutrition Goals, and Menu Plan Guide. These informed us of how many calories [my son] needed to consume and alleviated our concerns about him not getting enough nutrition to support his activity level.  My son started taking vitamins with iron to combat the effects of running. He also uses chocolate milk as a recovery drink after some runs.  Nancy was very thorough. She took her time and listened to us.  Her final analysis was that my son was doing a good job of getting proper nutrition considering his very active lifestyle. She did not try to get us to come back for unnecessary follow-ups."

– Susann Peck, mother of past Nutrisport client

"I was a long-distance runner and had lost a ton of weight. I was doing so many things wrong - not eating enough of the correct nutrients and being way too active. I have a better balance now and look better. My weight is at a healthy level, my energy is so much better, and I am happier! I learned how to eat correctly for my activity level, gained back weight, and learned about strength training and cross training. I still use my meal plan guidelines. Nutrifit is amazing! Thank you so much, Page!"

– Rachel Schaffer, past Nutrisport client

"Max needed to gain weight and learn proper nutrition for a high school athlete. Max and I gained valuable insight and put it to use in everyday life as well as game/workout situations. Page is incredible and has a way of reaching teens and getting her message across in a strong, encouraging, and caring way! Max grew, gained weight, learned valuable eating/nutritional habits, and his baseball game improved because of it. Page is the best there is, and if you follow her wisdom, you will see results!"

– Mother of Max Wildstein, past Nutrisport client

"I experienced multiple fractures and issues with bone density from disordered eating. With Nutrifit, my overall health and sport performance improved dramatically. I got my health back and was able to be an uninjured competitive athlete again. My relationship with food improved, and I learned about consistent and quality nutrition with a focus on REAL food and eating enough to support training. The only negative for me was that not all of us want to eat meat regardless of the 'health benefits.' Thank you for getting me back on track, Page! I wouldn't be where I am without your guidance over the past year!"

– Megan Spence, past Nutrisport client

"I gained immediate changes that can be made to diet, calorie intake, and fluid intake, as well as changes in pre-, during-, and post-match routine that will have a big effect on energy level and cramping likelihood. I would recommend NutriSport especially for those who struggle with stamina and cramping. Thank you - everything was very beneficial!"

– Casey, Nutrisport client

"I now pay more attention to portions, stay off the scale, and know more about portion sizes and fueling my workouts. I used a gel during a morning run, but didn't know how to count it. I learned that seven pounds of my weight gain was lean muscle! I feel much more positive now. Woo hoo!"

– Nutrisport client

"The doctor recommended Nutrifit due to my daughter's weight loss and loss of menstrual period. Paige was very thorough and met with her 'where she was.' She didn't try to overhaul her eating; she worked ot enhance it and alter it bit by bit, helping her understand that and athlete needs lots of nutritious food. Eating healthy is great, but you have ot fuel the machine. My daughter was very resistant, but ti planted the seed. She has gained over 10 pounds, regained her cycle, and is running well. Thank you!"

– Judy Franklin, mother of past Nutrisport client


"I had self-esteem issues and unhealthy eating habits that led to sudden weight loss and a desire to be thin. The drastic changes in eating habits and calories intake made me seek professional help. I learned healthy food options for a new change in food preferences (pescatarian diet) and received education about dietary options for basketball athletes. I know Nutrifit is great resource for my friends who are athletes and have poor eating habits."

 – Past Nutrisport client

"I needed a meal plan strategy to address my training and weight loss needs. My sessions with Nancy were informative, friendly, and enjoyable. It was a comfortable, safe environment to discuss food concerns. I now have meal plans to address trigger points (like training time and 3 p.m.) and understand the concept of eating before and after workouts so I am properly fueled. Nutrifit will find an eating strategy specific to your needs - the assessment was thorough and helpful."

– Past Nutrisport client

"I appreciated the knowledge that Page has and how comfortable she makes me feel. It was great knowing the correct foods that are right for me. Page is very good and knowledgeable about nutrition ans ports medicine. I highly recommend NutriSport!"

– Kitty, past Nutrisport client


"It was great to find the right blend of nutrition lacrosse. Page was very helpful and fun to work with! The most helpful thing about working with Nutrifit was that I learned how to eat a balanced diet. The thing I use most is portion control. Nutrifit was helped me lead a healthier life"

– Chloe Patterson, Past Nutrisport client


"We received valuable suggestions for meals to provide needed calories, learned my son's calorie needs on a daily basis, and discovered the best ways to sue snacks and pre- post-sports meals. He was able to increase the amounts of food at meals and make healthier choices, plus improve hydration. He learned the best ways to fuel his body and its needs. It was informative, helpful, good guidance and suggestions."

– Mother of past Nutrisport client

"Page, you are so knowledgeable and have many resources available -- you are extremely easy to talk to and confide in. I learned about meal planning and new food ideas and was always treated with respect. You are the real deal!"

– Past Nutrisport client

"I was not performing up to expectations, was tired, and had poor recovery from workouts. You did a great job looking at what I was eating, drinking, etc., and making recommendations for change. During this time, I became a gold and bronze medalist at the Master's Championships in my age group."

– Past Nutrisport client

"I struggled with female athlete triad ... Both my parents and I were confident in Page's advice and comfortable working with her. Being able to find the values in all foods was the most beneficial part of my recovery to health."

– Past Nutrisport client

"[The most valuable aspect is] having a plan from and expert [and learning] how food choices impact health -- especially for the athletic child."

– Becky Kline, mother of Nutrisport client

"The visualization (like portion sizes) makes it real and doable. Along with that, the body fat check and caloric intake numbers are a tremendous help. Looking forward to our next session!"

– Kitty Wickes, Nutrisport client

"I needed information about eating for sports. Page was very knowledgeable and helped me with my disordered eating. I learned what I should be eating and when, as well as learning to give myself permission to eat again and getting educated about food. I am no longer afraid to eat and know that my body needs food and nutrition to function."

– Hannah Hauser, past Nutrisport client 


"I always felt comfortable and learned a lot in a short amount of time. I learned a different approach to meal plans, more variety, tried new things, and learned about the changes in my body due to running."

– Veronique Bredas, past Nutrisport client

"My eating habits were hurting my sports performance. I received realistic advice and was able to set smaller goals to help me achieve healthy eating. I was offered many recommendations of recipes and brands of food to try. You were always open to what I had to say and gave advice customized toward my personal goals."

– Past Nutrisport client

"My daughter was a gymnast who needed to eat better. We were very satisfied. Everyone was very sweet, explained everything to us, and helped us with eating habits."

– Mother of past Nutritherapy client

"Over the past decade, Page Love has provided coaches and players involved in USTA High Performance Programming with practical sports nutrition information and advice, allowing us to stay up to date with current trends."

– Paul Lubbers, Ph.D., Director of Coaching Education, USA Tennis High Performance

"Our professional players ranked the nutrition sessions you gave very highly and found them to be extremely valuable. The individualized attention you provided is wonderful and I have to believe the players you worked with are now better equipped to take control of the nutrition aspects of their game."

– Eliot Teltscher, Director of Tennis Operations, USA Tennis High Performance

"Thank you very much for being a part of our 2001 Sports and Cardiovascular Nutrition Symposium ‘Exercise and Nutrition.' Thank you for the work you are doing to advance scientific knowledge...and for sharing this knowledge with us so we can help spread the word."
– Trish Hunter, RD, SCAN Symposium Chair, ED Section

"Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation you made to the athletic staff at Florida State University. Your information was timely and extremely helpful to staff who are dealing with a number of difficult situations within our student-athlete population."
– Pam Overton, Associate Athletics Director, Florida State University

"The consultation is upfront and to the point. I learned about sports and athletes' views on health and nutrition. I've been able to add more fruit and more protein to my diet and learned how to fuel my body in a healthy way."

– Nutrisport client

“The privacy of the office, the knowledge of the staff, and the communication with other medical professionals are all excellent. Our weight and nutritional goals were met and maintained through a sports season. We learned that small amounts added to or subtracted from a meal can make a big difference. The professionals at Nutrifit are skilled and provide education to clients that fit individual needs.”

– Parent of past Nutritherpy client

"I wanted to learn to eat right for optimal body composition. I gained some new protein sources and the mindset of getting adequate protein at every meal. Page is very personable and attentive."

– Past Nutrisport client

"Our daughter plays competitive tennis and is small in size. We wanted to make sure she was getting enough to increase her weight. Every month, she gained weight by following Page's monthly plan! Page educated our daughter about how important nutrition is, especially for athletes. Thanks for helping us achieve better nutrition for our daughter by educating our family!"

– Mother of Nutrisport client

"We asked for a referral from the pediatrician when [my son] had difficulty gaining weight and trying to increase sports performance. Page was very thorough, asked questions, and offered many suggestions for guidelines and eating plans. Also enjoyed the 'field trip' to get dietary ideas at Whole Foods. [My son] has been consistently gaining weight and is looking to surpass the weight goal Page initially set out. Very helpful; provided good advice and suggestions along with a thorough assessment."

– Parent of past Nutrisport client

"My wife and I reached out to you just a bit over a year ago about our son, who was around 155 lbs. Our primary goal was to get good weight on him going into football season since he was skinny and would be going against bigger and more athletic players than what he was accustomed to in Junior Varsity football. So, here we are during the first few weeks of spring football practice and I’m happy to share with you that he is currently weighing in at 185 lbs!  Between a good balanced diet (thank you) and a lot of time in the weight room, he has his body ready for the season. Thanks again for all of your help!"

– Parent of past Nutrisport client


“The Georgia Department of Transportation, District Seven, wishes to convey sincere gratitude for your participation in our Annual Health Fair ... Because of your support, the dedicated employees of District Seven received valuable services and information that will ensure happy and healthy employees. This is possible because of contributions from thoughtful people like you. Again, thank you for your commitment and service to the community.”

– Bryant Poole, Metro District Engineer

“I just wanted to thank you again for being our Speaker this morning at Smyrna Optimist Club. Everyone kept telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation.  Several of the members told me that they found your program to be very beneficial and were grateful of the information that you provided.”

– Cathleen Clayton, Lincoln Property Company - Commercial

“Page Love has been a great resource for our organization. Her information is always presented in a relevant, interesting, and compelling fashion where members of our team feel driven to make better choices regarding their diet and exercise habits.”

– David  Boehmig, President/Founder, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty

"I had the privilege of working with Page Love, RD during a recent consumer product launch…Page was a strong member of the Enova oil launch…Page is a true professional and working with her was a huge success for our clients and us. Our agency, as well as other organizations, would be lucky to work with her on future projects."

– Brittany Palmer, Account Executive, Weber Shandwick Worldwide

"Page Love has been a guest speaker for several of our Lunch and Learn Programs, and her lectures have been received well. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Page – she is truly an asset to the world of physiology and nutrition."– Linda Vaughn, Corporate Fitness Director, Chick-Fil-A

"Thanks again for a wonderful presentation.  I continue to hear students and faculty reference your talk as they sit around the lunch tables."

– Paul Midkiff, Mount de Sales Academy
"On behalf of the Planning Committee and all participant of this year's event, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for presenting at the 2007 Georgia Dietetic Association's Annual Meeting. Your presentation, ‘The Next Generation of Fats,' received an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. Your expertise and professionalism made our annual meeting an excellent event…"

– Jenn Burnell, MS, RD/LD, Annual Meeting Program chair, Georgia Dietetic Association

"Symposium 2001 was successful … in large measure because of the energy and expertise of presenters like yourself. Your expertise …was acknowledged with considerable positive feedback. Your involvement is timely and essential as we advocate and increase competencies for the treatment of eating disorders."

– Dr. Marie Shafe, Executive Director, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals

“The Church of Christ Ladies' Lectureship Retreat would like to take this time to thank you for your participating in our Free Community Health Fair ... Our goal was to raise awareness about healthy lifestyles as well as provide information regarding various health related topics. Your company's time to the health fair, and the information that you provided, greatly contributed to our goal. The feedback that we received from the ladies that attended the health fair was very positive. Again, thank you.”

– Lesley Brown and Valerie Brown, Health Fair Coordinators


"As the mother of a daughter with an eating disorder, I found it helpful that stress was placed on the benefits of a healthy diet. My daughter has become more accountable for the amount of food and the quality, and you explained the importance of proper nutrition to fuel a healthy body. I look forward to learning more about how to encourage a healthy diet, understanding the mental limits, and how to balance the two."

– Caroline Harrell, mother of Nutritherapy client

"I was struggling with anorexia nervosa. Nutrifit helped me to learn how to properly fuel my body so I can better take care of myself. Page was very helpful with my specific needs. I achieved a healthier understanding of food and am now at a healthy weight. I learned that food is not meant to be feared and I am allowed to enjoy it! I have gained the tools I need to properly take care of myself. I think the client care was incredible. Nutrifit provides highly personal care and gave me the support I needed to be healthy again—thank you!"

– Hannah Pinson, past Nutritherapy client

"Page is the most patient dietitian who cares about her clients. She is not judgmental but gives tough love. I received meal plans, worksheets, goal-setting, and ate with the dietitian. Food diversity was reintroduced to my life. I learned there are not 'good' and 'bad' foods and that I don't have to feel mentally tortured after eating. Page is the best--she inspired me to keep fighting for life and happiness, even if i fail sometimes!"

– JoyEllen Freeman, past Nutritherapy client

"I needed help recovering from anorexia. Page is great and so body-positive. She made it a safe experience. I am much more conscious eating and establishing healthy eating for life. I'm allowing myself flexibility and choices."

– Reagan Bush, past Nutritherapy client


"Page was great and had excellent advice. She helped me know what normal eating habits are and provide a terrific meal plan. She helped me see that a healthy eating lifestyle is easy to maintain. I have achieved more balanced eating that includes grains and carbs, and I have learned that food isn't scary! Everyone here is wonderful and gives great tips and advice that can apply to your eating habits."

– Mary Catherine Olive, past Nutritherapy client

"I knew I was going down a bad path regarding food and how I ate. I needed a wake-up call, guidance, and advice, and y'all provided that perfectly. It just got me back on the right track. I realized what was wrong and proceeded to fix it. I'm healthy now. You need help? Here's where you can find it. They really helped me out!"

– Holly Hickman, past Nutritherapy client

"Nutrifit (Page) helped me save my life by giving me a totally new and different perspective on nutrition, adequate food intake, etc. I gained a structured and diverse meal plan, not focusing on weight and numbers but rather on symptoms and habits. I accomplished RECOVERY like I never imagined among many smaller but wonderful accomplishments pertaining to food outlook and body image. I learned that I can eat all things, whenever I want, using moderation. Nothing is off limits!"

– Leighton Jordan, past Nutritherapy client

"An eating disorder ruined my view of normal eating behaviors. Without the assistance (and persistence) of Page, I'm not sure my life would be in such a healthy, stable place as it is today. The most beneficial part was also what annoyed me the most at the time -- the persistence of Nutritherapy kept me from avoiding my issues and forced me to keep fighting. I was able to return to a healthy weight and also reestablish healthy, normal eating behaviors."

– Caroline McKinley, past Nutritherapy client

"I had an eye-opening experience that made me realize how bad I had actually gotten. With encouragement from my mom and my therapist, I came to Nutrifit 9 months ago. I never thought it would be possible to be fully recovered from my eating disorder, but Nancy really helped me and I have gotten to that point. Nancy never pushed me too much but pushed me just enough. I learned that food cannot control you - only you can control your own happiness. Your guys are great! Nancy is supportive and helped put things into perspective to help me understand the root of my problem. Nutrifit changed my life - now I have the confidence to go to college and be independent!"

– Sydney Benator, past Nutritherapy client

"I saw Page on and off for four years after trying to manage my weight escalated to and eating disorder. Page helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life so far and taught me valuable information and skills regarding nutrition. The handouts, sessions, Page's dedication, and being weighed backwards (focusing on health instead of weight) were all beneficial. I successfully am in recovery."

– Katie Ehrlich, past Nutritherapy client

"It's been valuable getting a meal plan, knowing what the missing link is, and being encouraged to see a therapist because 'nutrition can fix food but not behavior.' It is early, but I already have cut ties with counting and weighing. I look forward to gaining balance with mealtimes and coming to see food as a source for living and not something structured I idealize and find comfort in above all things. 'Eat to live, not live to eat.'"

– Lauren Denning, Nutritherapy client

"Page was great working on diet and exercise with my daughter, especially with lots of ideas, recommendations and suggestions to stick with a nutritional diet, eating out, and getting exercise. We found out my daughter needed to lose 72 lbs. I learned more about nutrition, eating healthy with portion control, and the need to exercise. My daughter needs to mature, plus we need to get her hormonal balance under control. This will then help with her motivation. Page is a VERY dedicated nutritionist with all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. She keeps her clients up to date and involved in their own program to improve their daily exercise and eating habits."

– Elizabeth Rivero, mother of Nutritherapy client

"Page was very good at creating my plans specifically for me, and didn't make me feel like I was just another client. The food logs were beneficial because they helped me stay on track and helped me make sure that I had eaten enough, especially carbs. I gained about 20 pounds and am happy with it. I have a great relationship with food now - I love to cook and try different foods, and nutrition is very interesting and important to me now. Nutrifit is a great way to learn how to eat normally, or for your specific sport. They really help you with your goals, and it helped me put things into perspective."

– Sydney Clark, past Nutritherapy client

"After a concussion, my daughter needed to get back into shape. Page is wonderful and very knowledgeable. She is also aware of the fine line between eating well and putting too much stress on eating well, which could lead to major issues. I'm learning to pick better foods for my daughter to eat; she is eating healthier and balancing diet and exercise. I learned there are alternative foods you can choose so your body uses energy more efficiently. Great experience!"

– Lori DeForest, mother of Nutritherapy client

"I had an eating disorder, and I received great guidance to learn to eat in moderation and choose better food options. Overcoming the disorder was the greatest accomplishment of working with Nutritherapy, along with learning to eat for nutrition and sports hydration. Everyone here is knowledgeable, courteous, and thorough - everything was easy to understand."

– Lupe M., past Nutritherapy client

"Page, thank you for the many ways you made LYBM [Love Your Body Month] such a success. Without you and your resources, it wouldn't have been the same."

– Marisa Goodwin, Executive Director, edin (Eating Disorders Information Network)

"As a client for 10+ years, I find it helpful to check in, be held accountable, and learn about new products. I have added more protein to my diet and feel confident that my goals are achievable about learning to eat well as I age. Nutritherapy feels like a safe place to reach my goals."

– Reagan Bush, Nutritherapy client

"The most valuable aspect was the knowledge of where I am, what I'm doing to my body, how to fix it, and what areas and path to go about doing that, using data taken from me to assess my goal. I have greater understanding now and am trying to take seriously the needs my body has nutritionally and getting to that healthy point, trusting the program won't guide me astray. Nutrifit is knowledgeable, in touch, and has up-to-date resources."

– Laura Hall, past Nutritherapy client

"My internist recommended I see a nutritionist, and I had positive results. The instructions were clear and forms very helpful - it's working and I am close to my goal weight. I learned the importance of three daily meals supplements, and I realized I cannot skip meals. A professional and effective program - Page, you were great!"

– Donald Lofe Sr., past Nutritherapy client

"I have started taking in higher calories food, and Page told me I can still play volleyball even at what I weigh now. She had a whole notebook of volleyball articles! I look forward to having more variety of foods on the menu we made, and learning what food to eat and activities to do to keep my body looking and feeling strong."

– Laurel May, Nutritherapy client
"I'm feeling more confident in choosing types and appropriate amounts of foods and activities. I am making appropriate increases, trying new things, and feeling better overall. I LOVE PAGE!"

– Eileen Rand, Nutritherapy client

"I struggled with an eating disorder, and Page helped me make tremendous progress in restoring normal, healthy eating patterns. We focused on appropriate portion size, experimental challenges, and increasing variety in my diet. I have had significant weight restoration and an increase in food portion sizes and variety. Page's expertise in eating disorders is unusual among dietitians. I will be eternally grateful for the support offered to me by Page!"

– Katie Rider, past Nutritherapy client

"The materials were informative and supportive, as were the regular appointments. I gained knowledge of how to eat and strategies to for fullness, as well as journaling. Page is a knowledgeable professional who really cares about her clients!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"From the start, we established a baseline health value communication between the RD and LCSW, built a meal plan, and wrote out goals that address the whole person. I am taking the suggested advice and using it to build more peer support, like the ANAD group and Breakfast Club. I'm eating fewer large salads and attempting different carbs and protein. This is comprehensive care beside anything I'd expect of an RD!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"I was extremely unhealthy and underweight. Page and her staff provided excellent service and support. I developed a healthy relationship with exercise, my body, and food. I learned how to be happy and healthy! Nutrifit, Sport, Therapy is fabulous!"

– Caroline, past Nutritherapy client

"I had anorexia and needed help with how to eat again. Nutrifit was helpful and gave me the push i needed to want to recover—which I am fully now! I learned what foods I could eat without feeling "guilty" and slowly make progress."

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Our doctor felt concern about underweight teens and thought it best to seek an experienced professional. Signing up was easy and office staff was very knowledgeable in offerings and pricing. Each meeting was efficient and helpful! The recommendations were helpful on what to eat and give our teens in nutrients to help them gain weight on a realistic timeline. Both gained about a pound a week and learned what to eat and how best to eat. They learned about well balanced meals and high-calorie foods and drinks. You guys are great!"

– Mother of past Nutritherapy clients

"It was valuable to have real numbers that don't lie and to talk about what is happening to your body that you can't see (the health aspect). I am now eating a more varied diet and adding a little more food. I look forward to learning about getting the right nutrients to build muscle, have more healthy food choices, and ways to cope with eating out or at a friend's house."

– Past Nutritherapy client

"We came for several appointments, seeking help for my daughter's bulimia. We both learned new information about vegan nutrition that was very helpful. My daughter listened to Page Love and would try new foods, She increased her intake on protein and decreased excessive walking and excess salt intake. She learned about greater variety of foods and the differences in protein content of almond and soy products. Thank you for helping my child."

– Mother of past Nutritherapy client

"I have worked with Page before and wanted to develop healthier eating ... wanted to be eating-disorder-free. In-person sessions are most beneficial, and lack of transportation made it difficult. I introduced new foods into my diet and learned that my thoughts don't always mesh with reality. It's imperative to stay invested, not to despair. I appreciate Page's time and help!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"I came in 2 1/2 years ago with anorexia, and Page helped me create a healthy attitude toward all types of food. I was able to restore my healthy weight and develop a healthy relationship with food. I gained the understanding that all foods can be included in my diet, how to combine food groups for complete meals, and what normal portions look like. I learned how to pay attention to my body, and I got to the point that can manage my nutrition on my own! Page, I would not be as healthy as I am now without your help. It's great to be back with normal cycles, enjoying food, and playing all the sports I love!"

– Past Nutritherapy client
"I wanted to continue my healing from an eating disorder. Getting feedback from a nutritionist was very helpful. I really loved the groups, outings, and meetings that were involved. I learned grocery shopping skills and ways to make sure I get enough protein in my diet. It's a wonderful program."

– Past Nutritherapy client
"My daughter was always 'tired' and complained of stomach pains in addition to being a very selective eater. I was concerned that she wasn't getting enough nutrients. Everything [at Nutrifit] was great! Page customized her approach to appeal to the individual client. She is great with kids."

– Lilly Waller, mother of Nutritherapy client

"Page gave me the hope and confidence that I could recover from anorexia. She was sweet and sympathetic. She never passed judgment. Page is the only nutritionist that I've seen who truly understands the physical effects of anorexia. She is the most knowledgeable in her field. She keeps up to date with current articles about sports therapy. She is a wonderful, well-rounded professional."

– Lauren Sayle, Nutritherapy client

“I had low weight, was highly anemic, and was battling an eating disorder. Page is amazing, approachable, down-to-earth, and highly knowledgeable. All bases are covered with Nutrifit's offerings - individual nutritional counsel;ing, group therapy, exercise and breakfast meetings, etc. The office staff is friendly and helpful. I've grained a healthy weight and knowledge about fueling my body as an athlete. Thank you for running such an efficient and effective practice!”

– Past Nutritherpy client

"I was seeking help for my eating disorder and to improve my overall health. The advice and guidance I was given was right on for what I needed.  I am learning to be okay with "eating" and allowing myself to eat normally! I learned that the extreme restrictions on diet are not the answer. The advice and support in working to achieve a healthy life of eating is something that could benefit everyone -- and Nutrifit is fabulous in providing it!"

– Lori Roach, Nutritherapy client

"Page Love is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in nutrition therapy. She is very helpful in answering any and all questions and is delightfully concerned about me and my progress toward recovery. I now understand the role of specific foods in gaining weight and returning to optimal health."

– Sandee Baughman, past Nutritherapy client

"We appreciate the advice and the considerate way Page interacted with our son, who was having eating issues. The discussion of foods and weight management was positive and non-threatening to a child. He was able to maintain weight with an active lifestyle, and we learned what foods to add to his diet and proper quantities of food for an 11-year-old."

– Parent of past Nutritherapy client

"Nancy was amazing and met me where I was. She was flexible and available when I needed her. It was great being able to take things week by week and the flexibility. I learned to ask for help, and that it's OK to eat more throughout the day, especially snacks. The situation has stabilized, but I am aware that it can come back at any time. I would seek Nancy's help at the first sign of a problem. Nutrifit is great even for non-local patients and they are very easy to work with. Thank you!"

– Gwen Pacella, Nutritherapy client

“It was great getting to know my nutritionist. I am starting to get over some of my fear foods and getting more comfortable with ALL foods. It has helped me for over three months now!”

– Nutritherpy client

“Coming to see page for malnutrition and anemia, she was very thorough and knowledgeable--we had a good experience. It is nice to work with a professional who knows her stuff. Weight gain was attained back to normal weight, healthy diet, and no anemia.”

– Past Nutritherpy client

“Recent weight gain and a switch to vegetarianism encouraged me to come in. Page helped me analyze my current diet and make changes. We added much more protein, achieving a balanced diet. It has helped me a lot; I feel like I am in a stable, good place. I would tell anyone that it's great to see a nutritionist rather than yo-yo dieting forever!”

– Past Nutritherpy client

"I sought treatment for an eating disorder, and Page was willing to accommodate a difficult schedule, have phone sessions while I was away at school, and make resource recommendations. I learned tools to use, positive messages about food and feelings, and basic nutrition information, along with the importance of not restricting certain foods and not labeling something as a 'bad food.' The care and resources were excellent!"

– Scarlett Elrod, past Nutritherapy client

"I was not happy and not healthy. I was not able to get a normal life back. I learned about adequate nutrition and what my body needs to thrive. I can now easily eat a normal meal and engage in meaningful thoughts and conversation without worrying about food! I've achieved the goals of not worrying about what I eat or how much I exercise to "prove" anything. I would tell others that the work and reward to so worth it, and the support Nutrifit provides is priceless, necessary, and you know you will not be alone through the process!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Page was willing to work with me from my current comfort level with food. I have been able to implement 'new' foods and to cognitively justify eating healthily without feeling guilty. Page and her staff are highly qualified, caring professionals."

– Past Nutritherapy client

“I have teen who experienced chronic fatigue syndrome and depression with extreme loss of appetite and weight loss. I appreciate that Ms. Love did not try to talk her into 'trying' foods she does not like but instead listened to what foods she does like and built on those. It was a very stressful time; tensions between teen and parents were high. Nothing we did or said got through to her. She was being passively defiant about eating. We were able, with Ms. Love's guidance, to learn focus on what she can control. It helped us through the crisis, and weight gain was achieved.”

– Parent of Past Nutritherpy client

“Working with Nutritherapy kept me accountable and helped with my food addiction. I lost weight and learned about nutrition. I also learned that I do not have to give things up. Page Love was so friendly and helpful!”

– Past Nutritherpy client

“I came with an eating disorder -- bulemia, non-purging. Everyone was always very friendly, encouraging, and straightforward about everything. I learned what was wrong with my diet and how to fix it with normal, everyday eating. I gained a better understanding of good nutrition for me personally and how to implements that. I would return in a heartbeat if I needed more assistance. Thanks for everything!”

– Past Nutritherapy client

“Page is really nice and pushes you while still making you feel comfortable. It's really great to have a dietitian who understands eating disorders. I am looking forward to expanding my diet to include foods that I previously did, and sometimes still do, view as unhealthy or not allowed.”

– Nutritherapy client

“Nutrifit exceeded all my expectations, helping me be less afraid of food by informing me about what is best for me and showing me the portions that I should be eating. Thank you so much!”

– Past Nutritherapy client

“I came to Page to deal with anorexia and over-exercising. She is a great nutritionist! She offered very specific recommendations for food and exercise with helpful scheduling, reminders and follow-up. I learned that certain foods weren't bad, how much to eat at each meal, and that not exercising won't kill me. She helped me keep my weight in check.”

– Past Nutritherapy client

"A total evaluation (physical and behavioral) was most valuable, creating a plan so personal to me. I have been able to let go of disordered behaviors like tracking calories and nutrients. The nutritionist was able to understand my situation and accommodate her approach to my state; she made me feel confident that I could do it, and I felt comfortable with her."

– Past Nutritherapy client

"I believe it helped my daughter understand the need for more balanced eating and that all food groups are necessary. Our weight goal was met, and my daughter now has better body acceptance. Good information and support for balanced eating!"

– Parent of past Nutritherapy client

"Thank you for all your help. I was unable to gain weight or muscle and had a low energy level. I learned what a proper diet consists of and gained weight. Your recommendations worked!"

– Past NutriTherapy client

"Page saved my life and helped me get healthy, not by force but by educated information and encouragement. THANK YOU!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Dear Page, Thank you so much for your detailed client notes and care for our shared client, K.H. -- [a colleague] said you were great and now I get to witness your greatness -- first hand!  Please don't hesitate to call if I can be of ANY help to your work with K. or any other clients."

 – Referring Therapist

"I was feeling fatigued often. I was able to take what Page taught me and implement it. I have more energy now and have gained weight."

– Past Nutritherapy client 

"[Page] determined the ideal amounts of each food group for me personally. [The consultation] is an incredible personalized experience to help meet individual needs focused on what is best for my health. Also, Page took into account the bigger health picture by requesting blood work."

 – Ashley Hughes, past Nutritherapy client

"Daily food requirements were customized to me, and I was given a specific meal plan to follow. I like the flexibility Page offered in my meal plan. I also like that she assured me, if something isn't working, it's OK to revise the plan."

– Nutritherapy client

"[My son] was suffering from anorexia, compulsive exercise, severe food restriction ... although he did not enjoy or feel comfortable during counseling sessions with Page (due to the nature of his disorder, it was it was stressful for him to discuss food and his eating habits -- and he was often less than honest!), I am VERY grateful to Page and her staff for fitting him into the schedule for regular weigh-ins. I appreciate Page's professionalism and vast expertise ... I also found the books and articles in the waiting room very informative and helpful."

– Parent of Nutritherapy client

"Page is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She was very helpful in introducing new foods into my diet. I gained 25 lbs., which I attribute to the work that I did with Page. I learned to eat a more balanced diet and learned to like different foods like tofu! I just want to say thank you for all the help and encouragement!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Page Love is an excellent nutritionist. She is patient and encouraging. She has made me more aware of how I can compensate for those foods that I leave out of my diet due to nausea and gastric distress. I would definitely recommend Nutrifit. [Page is] the best nutritionist that I have encountered in my nursing career."

 – Past Nutritherapy client

"Thank you for helping me fight this battle that often seems so very overwhelming! I value your willingness to work with me as a runner and person struggling with an eating disorder, your respect, and not telling me I needed to stop running. I am still working on eating the appropriate amount of food and look forward to learning how to view food as fuel for my body instead of something bad or something that will make me gain weight."

 – Past Nutritherapy client

"Page is a great person to work with because of her knowledge, professionalism, kindness and willingness to work with the treatment team. She has a commitment to what's healthy, and not just going by a chart for weight you should be. The extra services offered such as breakfast groups, fitness outings, etc., are great."

 – Past Nutritherapy client

"Page was awesome, offering food alternatives and going out to eat. I achieved appropriate weight and nutrition intake and am able to use what I learned every day."

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Page is smart and treats you with compassion. She is very understanding and knowledgeable. I have a plan now to keep me focused. I was able to give up fear about certain foods and realize there are no 'bad' foods. Thanks so much...I love rice now!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Thank you very much for everything you have done for me! Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help in getting my body back to my healthy weight. I feel better than ever!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Page is very passionate and worked my goals according to my progress in recovery."

– Past Nutritherapy client

"Page is very kind but also organized and professional, and it always seems like she has a handout for everything! I have learned to be a mindful and intuitive eater and found the right balance to make sure I get the right nutrition."

 – Past Nutritherapy client

“I enjoyed meeting with Page. It felt good to finally get the correct answers instead of opinions from everyone I talk to. It feels good to have to answer to someone who knows what she is talking about. Page is very professional and yet friendly. She is an expert in her field and it shows. I personally need this combination in order to help me succeed.”

– Michelle Herring, past Nutritherapy client
"Carolyn was great! She helped Albert through a tough time. We will not hesitate to call if we need to come back for more sessions. Thanks!"

– Past Nutritherapy client

“I had great support from Page, Karen, Renfrew, and other eating disorder sufferers. It changed my life! Setting weekly goals for weight gain, portion sizing, and daily food logs all held me accountable. I hit my weight goal, successfully entered recovery, and am maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Absolutely, Page is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and understanding – one-of-a-kind, a hard worker who cares for her clients!”

– Past Nutritherapy client

“I gained loads of valuable information that I was able to implement into my daily food intake.”

– Past Nutritherapy client

“Page helped me overcome my eating disorder. I got my life back! I gained 30 pounds, learned what to eat, and conquered my anorexia.”

– Past Nutritherapy client

"I relearned everything! Got a food plan, learned about portions and what to eat, how to eat, and how to be connected to eating (e.g., with the TV off). I learned how to get my body in a healthy state so that I can get pregnant. My health is better in every single way! I feel like a new person. I am very, very happy."

– Nicole H., past Nutritherapy client

"My [eating disorder] was perfectly addressed. Page is caring yet firm. She encouraged me to challenge myself in a way that wasn't frightening. It was just the treatment and guidance I was seeking."

–Past Nutritherapy client

"I gained 10 pounds and learned to eat three balanced meals and snacks a day. Page helped me to achieve my goals, balance out my diet, and dispel some food fears."

–Nutritherapy client

"I had a desire and willingness to recover from my eating disorder and needed really great outpatient care. It was perfectly addressed. Page is caring yet firm. She encouraged me to challenge myself in a way that wasn't frightening."

–Past Nutritherapy client

“My daughter’s health needed attention and a therapist was suggested for her. Page Love was very patient…she helped us understand the importance of proper nutrition. Page is very knowledgeable about a fitness lifestyle and she can give you the tools, but she can’t make you use them!”

– Parent of past Nutritherapy client

“I am totally on a better track. My journey to healthier eating is no longer entirely in my hands—I am finally being helped by someone who knows of what she speaks (Page Love) instead of me flailing along on my own without a workable plan.”

– Nutritherapy client

"Nutrifit really helped my daughter to recover from her eating disorder! Nancy's counseling with my daughter proved very beneficial. Their personalities really clicked. My daughter learned about proper nutrition, adequate calories intake, and eating properly."

– Parent of past Nutritherapy client (speaking about Nancy Anderson; see the About Us page for more about Nancy)

"I cannot express my gratitude to Nancy [Anderson] and Page for your support, understanding, and patience, I might not be pregnant again...possibly with twins! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I gained weight, relinquished a small amount of control, and learned that I am allowed to eat enough."

– Past Nutritherapy client 

"Page is kind, smart, and gives great suggestions. Thank you for everything! When I say that Page and my doctor saved my life, I mean it!"

– Past Nutritherapy client


What People Say About Us

“Thank you so much!  I felt so comfortable and trusting at Nutrifit.”

- Past client.

“It was valuable to have permission to change eating styles and an explanation of why more carbs and less protein is needed. I’m NOT counting points and am eating normally for the first time in years! I would recommend Nutrifit to anyone for a sound plan that’s easy to follow after a few days.”

–Wendy Kapiloff, past client.

“Page: Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday to our cross country team. I have received several emails today from parents thanking us for the presentation and talking about how helpful the information was. The repeating comment was that it was “a lot of relevant and practical information in a very short time.” Both parents and kids have expressed appreciation for your expertise and great presentation.

The information you presented was perfect for what the kids needed to hear. You did a great job of not only reinforcing what the coach has already told them, but building on that information and giving them specific guidelines for healthy eating for runners.

And I had forgotten that you were a cross country runner—what a great connection for them."

– President of Cross Country Booster club at Lakeside High School, Atlanta, GA

“Along with other health care professionals, my life was saved when I was battling an infection that nearly killed me. Nutrifit made a huge difference in my life. I am at goal weight and able to tolerate more types of food.”

– Past Nutritherapy client

Video clip:  Nutrisport client talks with Page Love and shares her experience.

In the News:

Nikki Bennett, a former Nutrifit client, wrote this informative article about Nutrifit Sport Therapy, Inc. for her school newspaper... click here to read it!

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