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Education & Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders

Stop yo-yo dieting and the binge-purge cycle.

Vast experience lets us deal caringly and effectively with disordered eating, food obsessions and fears, and related health issues…we’re here to help.

Nutrition counseling for:
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • binge eating
  • compulsive overeating
Nutritherapy sessions are offered individually or in a group setting and provide practical tips and techniques that are immediately useful. We focus on each individual’s specific needs and work to improve energy levels, raise metabolism, meet essential nutrient needs, and decrease food obsessions. 
Learn to get in touch with emotional eating and hunger using a “non-diet” approach.

Past and current clients include:

- ANAD: National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
- Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders
- Eating Disorders Information Network
- The Renfrew Center
- SAFE Recovery Systems
- Summit Ridge Center for Psychiatry

Helpful Handouts!


Now available is a set of useful handouts about handling overexercise issues, body image, dealing with food fears, mindful eating, decreasing obsessional behavior, and more.


Click here to download the order form!

Check out the Groups page for helpful groups sessions on a variety of nutritional topics!


Latest News 

Check out "Top Ten Things a Personal Trainer Should Know About Working with Eating Disorders" by Page Love, featured in the Eating Disorders Resource Catalog. 

Page Love was a keynote speaker at  the Eating Disorders in Sport Conference in St. Louis, MO!

 Eating Disorders in Sport Conference poster

Page also presented at the SEED Conference in Florida.
SEED Conference poster


Read this article about "When Your Eating Disorder Co-Presents With Substance Abuse" by Gemma Taylor.


The 27th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals

Feminist Relational Perspectives and Beyond:

Integrating Science, Creativity and Clinical Wisdom

NOVEMBER 10 - 12, 2017

Philadelphia Airport Marriott


Page Love presented at the iaedp Miami and iaedp South Florida conference about “The Role of Exercise in the Treatment of Eating Disorders”:

Page Love, MS, RD, CSSD, LD 

Sport Nutritionist and Dietician


  1. To increase competence in implementing effective movement strategies for ED clients;
  2. To identify three ways to identify nutrition and medical concerns regarding exercise with ED clients;
  3. Enhance knowledge and skills for working with ED clients around both exercise resistance and over-exercise; and
  4. Implement mindful exercise and fueling concepts through reviewing current literature on this topic.



Page Love attended the SEED conference (South Eating Disorders Conference) in Destin, FL, and is pictured here with other Georgia professional attendees.


Page Love presented “Mindful Fueling and Movement: Creative Ways to Address Exercise Overexercise/Resistance While Integrating a Non Diet Fueling Message” at the 8th Annual Eating Recovery Center Foundation Eating Disorders Conference in Denver, Colorado, on August 13.


Page Love was a featured speaker at the 25th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals in November in Philadelphia, with this workshop (click here to download the brochure):

Nutritionand Eating Disorders: Past, Present, and Future 
Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD & Page Love, MS, RD, LD, CSSD

Page Love and Sondra Kronberg speaking at workshop:
IFEDD Dietitians Gathering at the Renfrew Conference: L to R are Page Love, Angela Grassi, Jessica Setnick, and Hien Nguyen-Le:

Many thanks and congratulations to all who participated in Merrick's Walk! The NutriFit team had 20 walkers this year, who helped the event to raise 29,000 to benefit Eating Disorders Information Network (! Shown at left are members of the NutriFit team, and at right, EDIN board members Page Love and Reagan Bush working at the registration area.

Page Love with Tara Arnold, PhD and Becca Clegg, LPC, experiencing goat therapy at Rosewood Ranch, Wickenburg, AZ.

Nutrifit was a sponsor of the 2015 CelebrityDance Challenge fundraising event to benefit EDIN. Shown left to right are Haleigh Hughes, EDINjunior board member; Caitlin Gaynor, past Nutrifit dietitian; Page Love, founder and president of Nutrifit and current EDIN boardpresident; and Jessica Baker, PhD, therapist.

Page Love participated in a Love Your Body Month panel discussion, shown below. Click on the flyer image to see more details!


Below, Page Love co-presented (with Melissa Sparks, MAMFT, marriage and family therapist) "He Says…She Says: Managing Relationship, Nutrition and Fitness Issues" at the 24th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals, November 14-16, 2014 in Philadelphia, titled Feminist Relational Perspectives and Beyond: The “Practice” of Practice.

Below, Page Love talks about "Performance,Your Body, and You" for about 250 upperclassmen boys at Atlanta's Woodward Academy, as part of a panel presentation on behalf of EDIN. She co-presented with Kensa Gunter, PhD, sportpsychologist and Ryan Schwerzmann, LMFT, family therapist from ACE.

EDIN news recently featured a spotlight on Page Love.

Check out Page Love's informative tips for dealing with compulsive exercise on the Oliver-Pyatt Centers blog.

May 6 was International No Diet Day ... EDIN and ACE hosted a "Scrap Your Scale" event on May 10. You can visit the Facebook page, and download this flyer about the event. Plus, here is a handy list of Top Ten Reasons Not to Weight Yourself.

  • Leighton Jordan (Miss Georgia 2012) talks about smashing her scale and invites everyone to "Scrap Your Scale" in a FOX Atlanta news story.

Here is the Nutrifit Sport Therapy team at the event!


Read this article by Page Love about a disordered eating case study, from The Renfrew Center's Perspectives newsletter.

Eighth-grader Kara Haim interviewed Page Love and created this video as part of a semester project, which included writing a research paper and creating a website about eating disorders. Visit her site here.

Watch this interview with Miss Georgia about her struggles with eating from WRBL News 3. Also read more in the Ledger-Inquirer, including interviews with Page Love. Here is Leighton Jordan expressing herself about recovery:

Page Love was recently interviewed about the recovery of Leighton Jordan, Miss Georgia. See a video and access the article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here. 

See CNN's "Child eating disorders on the rise," in which Page Love is quoted as an expert.

Anna Tanner, MD (second from left), and Page Love (far right) enjoyed hearing Dina Zeckhausen, PhD (far left), and Anita Johnston, PhD (second from right) speak on "Creative Ways to Work with Eating Disorder Clients" in Atlanta in May.  For more information on this topic, visit:

Download the "Eating Disorders in Athletes" educational flyer here!

An article by Page Love was featured in the September 2010 e-newsletter of edin (Eating Disorders Information Network). Click here to download the handout about reasons not to weight yourself.

Read Page Love's new article about protein alternatives for a balanced diet, appearing now in Best Self Atlanta.


"Your expertise...was acknowledged with considerable positive feedback."

- Dr. Marie Shafe, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals

Nikki Bennett, a former Nutrifit client, wrote this informative article about Nutrifit Sport Therapy, Inc. for her school newspaper... click here to read it!

 Our Clients Include:

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