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Here's a list of helpful articles and links to interviews with Page Love, as well as other news about Nutrifit!  

Check out Page Love's Hydration Hub at the Citi Open in Washington, DC!

Page Love was honored to serve as the sport dietitian for the WTA at the Australian Open, January 2017 in Melbourne.


The Women’s Tennis Association and USANA Health Sciences present Page Love, Medical Consultant and Sports Dietitian, speaking about “Nutrition, Recovery, Performance Enhancement” in Orlando, FL, on April 1. 

Mary Parker Davis, MS, RD, LD of Nutrifit Sport Therapy Inc. presented "Eat to Beat Diabetes!" on Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at Salud! Whole Foods Market. 

The demonstration explored how a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, good fats, lean meats and dairy, and legumes can enhance your health and support your wellness goals, with the latest nutrition information for how to use food and lifestyle changes to fight Type 2 diabetes and “pre-diabetes."

MENU: Breakfast Veggie Quiche Muffin Cups; Avocado Hummus with Fresh Vegetables; Baked Grouper Provencal over Quinoa; and Watermelon Lemonade with Chia Seeds.

Page spoke recently at Notre Dame University to the rugby program. 


As part of Love Your Body Month, Page Love spoke on a panel addressing how to best handle the medical, orthopedic, nutrition, and body image concerns of disordered eating in fitness settings: "Running on Empty: Food & Body Issues for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Coaches" that was held on Sunday, February 12, at Interfusion Fitness.

Nutrifit recently held the “Mindful Movement & Fueling” fitness outing, a workshop alternating hydrating and fueling experiences with various mindful movement exercises for connection, awareness, nourishment, and fun!


Page Love recently spoke at the PTR Professional Registry International Symposium and the Jewish Women's Fund (pictured). 

Page Love was honored to serve as the sport dietitian for the WTA at the Australian Open this January in Melbourne.


Page presented at the International Tennis Congress in October.

Page Love, Founder of Nutrifit, Sport, Therapy, Inc. is featured on Business Innovators Radio. To hear the interview, click here.

Page Love presented “Mindful Fueling and Movement: Creative Ways to Address Exercise Overexercise/Resistance While Integrating a Non Diet Fueling Message” at the 8th Annual Eating Recovery Center Foundation Eating Disorders Conference in Denver, Colorado, on August 13. 


Page Love reviewed the benefits of various KIND Snacks with Lauren Davis at the CITI Open. 

Page Love and three other Atlanta dietitians were interviewed for the Atlanta Journal Constitution article "Here's what these Atlanta dietitians eat for breakfast"! Check it out here. 

Page Love was ready for nutrition action with helping players at Wimbledon and the former champions defend their titles! Page is pictured below, in second photo with Chris Kronk, Coordinator of Sport Science and Medicine for the WTA.




In April 2016, Page Love spoke for the WTA in Queretaro Mexico at the USANA Health Science Forum in Mexico.

Read the USA Today Sports story "Players rely on mid-match snack for energy at Australian Open" by Nick McCarvel, featuring Page Love!

As posted in ATP Player's Weekly, "Page Love, a registered dietician specializing in sports nutrition will once again be on-site in Washington, DC, to speak to players about nutrition and hydration. She will be available on Saturday August 1, Sunday August 2, and Monday August 3."

Read these "Healthy Lunch Box Ideas" provided by Nutrifit's Nancy Anderson to online newsletter The Aha! Connection.

Check out this article in Jezebel about healthier condiment swaps, featuring Nutrifit's own Carolyn Ballard.

news recently featured a spotlight on Page Love.

Page Love and Nutrifit are featured in this year's Atlanta Magazine Health Issue.

Page Love serves as faculty for the STMS & iTPA Tennis Medicine and Performance Conference, July 19 & 20, 2014 in Atlanta. Click here to find out more.

View the story about weight loss betting, including an interview with Page Love, that aired on CBS Atlanta.

Read this article about eating and drinking like the pros from Page Love, featured in Net News.

Page Love was featured recently in the alumni newsletter of the Lewis School at Georgia State University. Click here to go directly to the article about Page.

Read about ATP University, where Page Love was a featured presented in Nov. 2013 in London. The story in on page 3 of the ATP Players' Weekly.

Click here to download a handy guide about travel nutrition, authored by Page Love for WTA Physically Speaking.

Read the article about "Serving up energy: the seven best foods for pro tennis players" in Sports Illustrated, featuring advice from Page Love!

Learn about "Which Foods Should You Eat Before Playing Tennis?" in this interview with Page Love for

Read these "Healthy Lunch Box Ideas" provided by Nutrifit's Nancy Anderson to online newsletter The Aha! Connection.

Check out this article in Jezebel about healthier condiment swaps, featuring Nutrifit's own Carolyn Ballard.

Read this article about brain-boosting food, featured in The Aha! Connection, written by Nutrifit dietitian Nancy Anderson.

Check out Page Love's informative tips for dealing with compulsive exercise on the Oliver-Pyatt Centers blog.

Read this article by Page Love about a disordered eating case study, from The Renfrew Center's Perspectives newsletter.

View the story about weight loss betting, including an interview with Page Love, that aired on CBS Atlanta.

Read this article about eating and drinking like the pros from Page Love, featured in Net News.

Page Love was interviewed about the recovery of Leighton Jordan, Miss Georgia. See a video and access the article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here. 

Read about the importance of sports nutritionists, featuring Page Love, in this Chicago Tribune article.

See the videos on the Leukemia Team in Training YouTube channel, with Page Love talking about everything from weight loss and gluten-free diets to pre- and post-run nutrition!

Read more about former Miss Georgia's struggles with eating in the Ledger-Inquirer, including interviews with Page Love.

Page Love provided a nutritional presentation to the Atlanta Braves when they were in the Cincinnati Reds series this month, and they won the game after! 

Nutrifit recently participated in the Chubb Atlanta Health & Wellness Fair for employees of the insurance company group. Staffing the display is Jackie Berkovich, a graduate of University of Georgia's Nutrition Program and administrative assistant at Nutrifit.

Read Page Love's advice on how to "Eat Your Way to Skinny" in Cotton Candy online magazine!

Page Love is interviewed in GSU Magazine about school lunch programs in the article "Food for Thought."

The ALTA Net News magazine Nov.-Dec. 2010 issue features an article about "Nutrition Tips for Quicker Recovery" by Page Love.

Page Love recently spoke at a meeting of AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists) about managing power struggles concerning food within the family. Here is the take-away handout from the talk: Top Ten Nutrition Communication Tips for Parents.

See articles on for which Page Love was interviewed: health tips for sports, nutrition labels, and teaching healthy eating!  Read Page Love's new article about protein alternatives for a balanced diet, appearing now in Best Self Atlanta.

Watch Page Love's interviews about

Read about protein alternatives for a balanced diet, Page Love's latest article in Best Self Atlanta.

See Page Love's new article about kids and vitamin D, featured in the monthly newsletter of Enliven Atlanta magazine.

Page Love named a Best Nutritionist by Atlanta Sports & Fitness!

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Using these links, you download and watch brief video segments of Page Love speaking about a variety of topics:

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Page Love has appeared on:
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· CNN's On the Menu
· Peachtree Morning
· Good Day Atlanta


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