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Nutrifit hopes you are starting off the year with healthy strides!

Announcing Nutrifit's Mind Body Link!

Now you can schedule appointments online!

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Why do we tell you about national observances taking place at different times of the year? It’s a fun way to focus on something you might not have tried! A key to good health is exploring the nutrient content and uses of various foods, along with finding ways to stay active that work for you. Here are some current and upcoming observances to check out, and you can research others on your own:

May Observances

May is Barbecue Month! Grilling can be a healthy way to cook meats, fish, and vegetables. For some quick and easy healthy grilling recipes, check out Eating Light and Food Network.


May is also Asparagus Month! For more about asparagus and other vegetables in season, read this page at Food and Health Communications.


Recipe of the month: Oodles of Noodles, from USDA Mixing Bowl


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We are posting pictures daily of new foods we recommend to add to shopping list. We have weekly themes of categories of foods and then pictures of products that we encourage you to try out. This should help you vary your intake and increase the nutrient density in your diet.


To help with meal planning, take time now to  Rate Your PlateDownload the flyer here and get started!

Want information tailored to your specific needs? Nutrifit is here to help! Contact us for individual needs, and see below for information on our free support groups:
  • The Breakfast Club will meet on May 14, 9:00 a.m. at Chick Fil-A in Sandy Springs. Download our flyer here!

  • Our next "Fit for Life" outing is on May 14 at 3:00 p.m. Join us for a scenic hike up Stone MountainDownload our flyer here!
To R.S.V.P. and for more information on events, please contact the Nutrifit office at 770-395-7331.

Nutrifit also offers ongoing groups for a variety of needs! See the GROUPS page for more about the Breakfast Club, Fit for Life, the ANAD support group, and more.


 Nutrifit, Sport, Therapy, Inc.
 was created with your needs in mind! Professional and amateur athletes,anyone with special dietary needs, and individuals who want to take control of their nutrition and health, will find great advantage in consulting with our registered dietitians.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for more about how we can help you!

Latest News


Download this handy carbohydrates facts article, from WTA's Physically Speaking, authored by Page Love.


Page Love was the dietitian for 

the WTA at Indian Wells  and the dietitian for the ATP at the Miami Open this March.

Nutrifit introduces "Family Meal Coach" by Nancy Anderson, MPH, RD, LD (pictures at right). It's a new way to bring practical solutions to your everyday nutrition problems. Whether you have a picky eater, a growing athlete, or just want to know how to plan nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy, we can help!  We offer convenient phone-based consultations so that you can spend more time doing what matters most to you. Get peace of mind knowing you're feeding your family right!

Read the USA Today Sports story "Players rely on mid-match snack for energy at Australian Open" by Nick McCarvel, featuring Page Love!

Page Love was a featured speaker at the 25th Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Professionals in November in Philadelphia, with this workshop (click here to download the brochure): 

Nutritionand Eating Disorders: Past, Present, and Future 
Sondra Kronberg, MS, RD, CDN, CEDRD & Page Love, MS, RD, LD, CSSD

Page Love and Sondra Kronberg speaking at workshop:
IFEDD Dietitians Gathering at the Renfrew Conference: L to R are Page Love, Angela Grassi, Jessica Setnick, and Hien Nguyen-Le:

Many thanks and congratulations to all who participated in Merrick's Walk! The NutriFit team had 20 walkers this year, who helped the event to raise 29,000 to benefit Eating Disorders Information Network (! Shown at left are members of the NutriFit team, and at right, EDIN board members Page Love and Reagan Bush working at the registration area.

Read this article posted on about "When to feed your athlete carbs, protein and fats" with advice provided by Page Love.

Check out this video clip from USTA Player Development's High Performance Coaching News, featuring Page Love giving tips about snacks between tennis matches.

Page Love

 What Should You Eat

Page Love, MS, RD, LD, Sport Science Committee member & registered dietitian gives tips for snacks between tennis matches.


Shown in the photo is Page Love, who conducted consultations in Washington DC in August 2015 for ATP.

In October 2015, Page Love is serving as onsite dietitian for the China Open in Beijing, China. 

  Page enjoying the tennis nutrition world in Beijing, China.
Page Love served as the onsite dietitian in New York City for the US Open (Aug. 31 - Sept. 13, 2015).   

Listen to a podcast interview with Page Love on the Lloyd Fitness Performance site: Atlanta's Most Successful Trainers.

Read this helpful article by Page Love about pre- and post-fueling for runners in Atlanta Track Club's publication Wingfoot - see page 21.

Page Love was interviewed by about warning signs that parents can spot about a developing eating disorder. Read it here!

Jackie Berkovich is a Registered Dietitian who completed her BS degree in nutrition at the University of Georgia and completed her Dietetic Internship Program at the University of Houston. Her experiences include providing nutrition education for Seniors and food safety education for kitchen staff at an Adult Day Care. In addition, she has provided surgical weight management and non-surgical weight management counseling for both adults and adolescents at Gwinnett Medical Center. Jackie enjoys counseling clients in weight management and general health and wellness. Jackie has worked with our staff and is excited to join the RD team.

Jackie’s Qualifications:
  • Dietetic Internship Program from the University of Houston
  • BS Degree in nutrition from the University of Georgia
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management
  • Jackie is a Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Specialist


Read this article about kids and sports drinks, featuring Page Love, which appears on
Check out this article, featuring Page Love, about how "Technology helps consumers stay healthier" in the Chicago Tribune.

Click here to download a handy guide about travel nutrition, authored by Page Love for WTA Physically Speaking.

Read the article about "Serving up energy: the seven best foods for pro tennis players" in Sports Illustrated, featuring advice from Page Love!

Learn about "Which Foods Should You Eat Before Playing Tennis?" in this interview with Page Love for

Read these "Healthy Lunch Box Ideas" provided by Nutrifit's Nancy Anderson to online newsletter The Aha! Connection.

Check out this article in Jezebel about healthier condiment swaps, featuring Nutrifit's own Carolyn Ballard.

Read this article about brain-boosting food, featured in The Aha! Connection, written by Nutrifit dietitian Nancy Anderson.

Check out Page Love's informative tips for dealing with compulsive exercise on the Oliver-Pyatt Centers blog.

Read this article about food allergies that Page Love authored for WTA (Women's Tennis Association).

Read this article by Page Love about a disordered eating case study, from The Renfrew Center's Perspectives newsletter.

View the story about weight loss betting, including an interview with Page Love, that aired on CBS Atlanta.

Read this article about eating and drinking like the pros from Page Love, featured in Net News.

Page Love was interviewed about the recovery of Leighton Jordan, Miss Georgia. See a video and access the article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.  The full article is available to AJC subscribers, but there is a version of its content here, minus the photos.

Read an article in the Neighbor Newspapers about Page Love's work with running groups.

Watch Page Love on this FOX News story about coconut water. Click here to see the video.

Read about the importance of sports nutritionists, featuring Page Love, in this Chicago Tribune article.

See the videos on the Leukemia Team in Training YouTube channel, with Page Love talking about everything from weight loss and gluten-free diets to pre- and post-run nutrition!

Page Love is available to speak to groups or companies about balanced nutrition and eating healthy, including "Weight Management for a Lifetime" and "Getting on Track with Your Nutrition." Click here to read more about presentations, or contact us to book a date.

Page Love named a Best Nutritionist by Atlanta Sports & Fitness!

For Nutritionists, Therapists, Coaches, & Educators
Helpful Handouts

Nutrifit offers handout kits for use with your clients. The handy lists, questionnaires, and fact sheets cover general nutrition, metabolism, eating and exercise issues, menu ideas, and much more!

Click here to see the
handout list and sample!

Click here to order.

Sport-specific handout sets
also are available!  Visit the
Nutrisport page for details.

A set also is available for disordered eating. Click here to visit the Nutritherapy page for details.

Small Sets and Nutrition Rx Pads

Two smaller sets of five handouts each include topics in Sports Nutrition, Disordered Eating, and General Nutrition plus a Sports Nutrition Questionnaire and Food and Activity Journal. They're perfect for trying out the Helpful Handouts!

Also available is the Dietitian Prescription Pad! It’s a great way to provide clients with your recommendation about foods, supplements, or vitamins they need to purchase.

Click here to see details and order.

For Everyone
Click here to check out our newest groups, like dining and shopping with your RD, the Breakfast Club, and monthly fitness outings.

Click here for more information about our latest state-of-the-art screening services!

Checkbook Journals and Reminder Note Pads

KEEP TRACK TO STAY ON TRACK! Our journals allow you to easily track your daily eating and exercise. Only $5 each, they conveniently fit in your checkbook cover.

NUTRIFIT DAILY “STICKY NOTE” NOTE PADS ARE HERE! These daily reminders are a great way to stay focused and motivated on your way to better health. The cost is only .50¢ per note pad.

Just call the Nutrifit office at 770.395.7331 to order yours today!

Nutrifit, Sport, Therapy, Inc. can help! Whetheryou are a professional athlete or someone striving to eat healthy andmaintain your ideal weight, you cannot take your health and fitness forgranted.

Are you looking to:
  • raise your metabolism while eating more food?
  • manage the fat in your diet ?
  • improve your athletic performance through pre/post training menu planning?
  • increase health wellness awareness in your workplace?
  • master the grocery store shopping and dining out pitfalls?
  • get in touch with emotional eating and hunger using a "non-diet" approach?
Let our experienced staff take you to the next level of fitness and nutrition through:
  • Individualized Consultations
  • Grocery Store Tours and Dining-out Experiences
  • Groups, Lectures, and Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Virtual Online Consultations
  • Phone Consultations

Click here to learn the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' top ten reasons to consult a registered dietitian!



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